My dream

If you ever had a dog or a cat missing, even only for some hours, you know how happy you are to get them back

Every year thousands of pets, dogs and cats are messing.

Firework and stormy weather for example, can make a dog panic and run
away miles and miles.

Due to the panic they do not find their way back.

Some will arrive in dog shelters far from their home place and will not be found back by their owners friends.

It is my dream

that in every town there is a “Pet Finder Search Team” who can track and find missing pets.

It is an ideal activity for teens, with their friends or with their family

and of course for adults for with a heart for dogs, cats,…

Some kids with Adhd and some autistic kids can have great benefits by working with the dogs as a PetFinder.

Making kids, people, cats, dogs, happy … that is what counts for me in life

maybe you can help to make this dream come true and as such bringing happiness in the world,

Please feel free to do

I like to see all happy

as I like to see you happy !

LouAnn Robin

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