About me, Robin


great meeting you here!

Wellcome on the site 🙂

I am living with my pack of dogs
on a very beautiful place on earth in the mid of acacia trees and fields,

The nights are beautiful, the moon is special.
She often seems so big and close that I have the feeling that I just have to reach out my arms to tough her.
You can see the full star constellations with the stars shining and twinkling very bright.
You can live here without meeting people if you do not have to.
It is the place to be to spot buzzards, storks, deer, foxes, … animals in wild who has disappeared in other places.
It is the place to be for real nature lovers.
It is thé place to be for me and my dogs.

For more then 20 years I live in the mid of my pack of dogs.

Trying to let them have a more natural way of being, of living.
The puppies staying with their mums and dads 🙂 what means that the pack has been growing

By living so closely together I am learning from them and about them,
about their behavior towards each other, their emotions, their communication…

I have learned a lot!

I must say that I had to throw over board, a lot of the things that I had learned before about dogs in the courses to become a dog trainer and dog psychologist.

Too many things about dog behavior and dog communication that has been observed for some dogs has been generalized and concluded as how dogs are.
And that is wrong.
Different dogs have different communications and reactions on situations and behavior of others.

They are extremely sensitive towards the intention and energy of “thoughts”.

The thoughts and also the emotions of the persons around influences the dogs and their behavior a lot.
Dogs “pick up” thoughts of people and respond on feelings, emotions and beliefs of people. It determines the behavior and the emotions of the dogs

That implicates that much of what you read about dogs is colored by the inner side of the person, dog trainer who made the observations.

When you believe, think or life in terms of dominance or obedience you will see all kind of dominance issues with your dogs and other dogs around you,

When you believe, think and life from the principle of love you will see love in, and between, the dogs in the pack.

You have to know yourself very well, and observe yourself and your thoughts very good to notice the influences you have on the behavior of the dogs.

And they not only response on the thought and emotions from the person with who they live together
but they also pick up the thought’s and emotions from people on a distance who make a connection to the place or to you.

You can find out yourself when:

your dogs who were playing nice together start to be aggressive or annoying ….

then pay attention who will be visiting you, who will phone you or which person is passing by.

The dogs are picking up their thoughts and real attentions towards you, your family or towards the dogs.

If this happens every time, or very often when those people contact you then be very careful.

This people you should not trust even if they seem very nice to you…

Through the behavior of my dogs I have learned a lot about the “inner” of human beings around me 🙂

One of my biggest pleasure is to see the happy dog mums play with their young once as puppies and teens.

The several mother-dogs I have, treat their puppies different.

Some like to have the help of another dog.
Often this is the male, father dog in the group, often assisted from a young male dog or a female dog.
They take care of the puppies and play with them what gives the mum dog some “time off”, time for herself.
When it is feeding time then there she is again with her pups.

Most of the mum dogs however nurse them a lot, do not leave them for a second if it is not needed.
All their attention and caring is for the pups and this for several months.
Even when the puppies eat alone, till up to around 8 months the puppies get milk from the mums…

Now the time has come to share my knowledge,

my knowledge from living with my dogs and my knowledge about training Petfinder Search and Rescue dogs.

Most of the dog trainers will tell you that you cannot train a dog to find missing dogs with the reason that dogs cannot distinguish the smell of different dogs.

But I have proven that it is possible.
For several years I worked with my dogs searching for missing pets, dogs,cats and other animals…

My dogs loved it very much !

My dream

Every year thousands of pets, dogs and cats are messing.

Firework and stormy weather for example, can make a dog panic and run
away miles and miles.

Due to the panic they do not find their way back.

Some will arrive in dog shelters far from their home place and will not be found back by their owners friends.

If you ever had a dog or a cat missing, even only for some hours, you know how happy you are to get them back

It is my dream that in every town there is a “Pet Finder Search Team” who can track and find missing pets.

It is an ideal activity for teens, with their friends or with their family

and of course for adults for with a heart for dogs, cats,…

Some kids with Adhd and some autistic kids can have great benefits by working with the dogs as a PetFinder.

Making kids, people, cats, dogs, happy … that is what counts for me in life

maybe you can help to make this dream come true and as such bringing happiness in the world,

Please feel free to do

leave a comment, ask a question, become a PetFinder, any lindk of support that can helpshare this information on your Facebook or with friends in another way,

or send me a private email robin@scoobydoodogs.com

I like to see them happy

as I like to see you happy !