About LouAnn Robin

I am living with my pack of dogs
on a very beautiful place on earth in the mid of acacia trees and fields,

The nights are beautiful, the moon is special.
She often seems so big and close that I have the feeling that I just have to reach out my arms to tough her.
You can see the full star constellations with the stars shining and twinkling very bright.
You can live here without meeting people if you do not have to.
It is the place to be to spot buzzards, storks, deer, foxes, … animals in wild who has disappeared in other places.
It is the place to be for real nature lovers.
It is thé place to be for me and my dogs.

For more then 20 years I live in the mid of my pack of dogs.

Trying to let them have a more natural way of being, of living.
The puppies staying with their mums and dads 🙂 what means that the pack has been growing

By living so closely together I am learning from them and about them,
about their behavior towards each other, their emotions, their communication…

I have learned a lot!

Too many things about dog behavior and dog communication that has been observed for some dogs has been generalized and concluded as how dogs are.
And that is wrong.
Not all the dogs communicate in the same way !

They are extremely sensitive towards the intention and energy of “thoughts”… read more

One of my biggest pleasure is to see the happy dog mums play with their young once as puppies and teens… read more

Now the time has come to share my knowledge,

my knowledge from living with my dogs and my knowledge about training Petfinder Search and Rescue dogs.

Most of the dog trainers will tell you that you cannot train a dog to find missing dogs with the reason that dogs cannot distinguish the smell of different dogs.

But I have proven that it is possible.
For several years I worked with my dogs searching for missing pets, dogs,cats and other animals in several countries in Europe…

My dogs loved it very much !

Now the time has come to make my dream come true. that in every town there is at least one PetFinder Search team,

to set up a world wide organization of Petfinder search teams…. and bringing more happiness in the world…. read more