About Skoebidoe

There has been done a lot of breeding with the German Shepherd dog and people have created a lot of sub races. Nowadays there exist many types of German Shepherds.

17 years ago I bought a little beautifull pup from the “Old German Shepherd” race. Skoebidoe puppy

The “Old German Shepherd” is the most original
the one who is the most related to the wolfs.
The hair is long and the dogs are smaller than the other German Shepherds.
They are very intelligent and have a very good social character

What is her name?

It is my belief that everybody has his own name and that we do not have to learn a dog to listen to his name.
Instead, we have to find the name of the pup…

I have experienced that when we find the real name of the dog
they are happy and respond immediately  by looking up and swinging their tail. They listen immediately

I always find the names quite easy and rapid. Looking at the puppy or dog I say all the names I can imagine till I get the response of the dog.

So I did with my little puppy…
But she did not respond on anything I came up with.
Weeks passed by, and I still did not have her name and she did not come when I called her.
I thought that I would never find her name….

And than one morning ….

I was cleaning up my place and while cleaning I have the habit to sing. That particular morning I sang the Scoobydoo-song-theme.
To my big surprise I saw my puppy rising her head, looking toward me swinging her tail…

This was my lucky day.
After weeks of searching her name without results I spoke the magical words Scoobydoo, Skoebidoe while looking at her … and she came straight away !

How happy we both were 🙂
Me and my little Scoobydoo Skoebidoe, we found each other for life!

Skoebidoe grew up as a very special dog!
She became a PetFinder Search and Rescue Dog.
Together we searched for missing dogs, cats, goes, …. people from several countries called for our help to find their missing pet.
At that time, we probably were the only Petfinder-team in Europe.

Skoebidoe falls in love.
Skoebidoe never payed much attention to male dogs.
She liked it when they looked at her, when they gives her licks and hugs but there it had to end.

But when Moetti – the sun of my Indian Shepherd dog Shewha
and the award winner Groenendaler, Shepherd male- became an adult male,
she fell deeply in love.

She had all reasons to 🙂
Tall with very long black hair, beautiful eyes and a very good character he gives her all his attention and love…. and little Scoobydoos are born…….. with the scent genes of the mum and a huge amount of energy.

They grew up and after some years at their turn they gave birth to little Skoebidoes.

In 2016 Skoebidoe followed the circle of life and short after is reborn as the youngest of 6 puppies from her daughter Sheetah.

As a very little pup she responds immediately on her name Skoebidoe and she knows all the places in the house.
She responds on our special language and gestures of the scent and search training learned in her previous Skoebidoe-life.

We both are so happy again….

Very young this time she chooses “her male” … he is tall with long black hair, beautiful eyes and he has a nice character…. very soon she gives birth to 5 puppies,

a new generation Skoebidoe dogs is born

a new generation Skoebidoe dogs is born

a new Skoebidoe generation,… is born!

All the dogs are listening when I call the “Skoebidoe dogs” or when I sing the Scoobydoo theme

…. Skoebidoe Dogs becomes the name for my Petfinder Search Dogs and the other dogs who will join

Because it is time for me, LouAnn Robin, to transmit all my knowledge so that “Skoebidoe Search Dog Teams” can find missing pets all over the world. They will make children, adults and their pets happy when they have each other back.

Scoobydoo Dogs…. Skoebidoe Dogs are dogs with a mission….

If you want your dog to become a Skoebidoe PetFinder Search Dog, or you want to become part of the team … please contact me, or leave a comment. I am making up the schedule for the trainings for the next year(s).

With love for all living beings

LouAnn and Skoebidoe