Not alle the mummies are the same…

One of my biggest pleasure is to see the happy dog mums play with their young once as puppies and teens.

The several mother-dogs I have, treat their puppies different.

Some like to have the help of another dog.
Often this is the male, father dog in the group, often assisted from a young male dog or a female dog.
They take care of the puppies and play with them what gives the mum dog some “time off”, time for herself.
When it is feeding time then there she is again with her pups.

Most of the mum dogs however nurse them a lot, do not leave them for a second if it is not needed.
All their attention and caring is for the pups and this for several months.
Even when the puppies eat alone, till up to around 8 months the puppies get milk from the mums…

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