Pet Finder Search Dogs

Pet Finder Search Dogs are dogs trained to find missing pets.

They are also called Pet Search and Rescue Dogs, PetFinder Search and Rescue Dogs, Pet Scent dogs, PetFinder Scent Dogs, …

There are 2 types of Pet Finder Search Dogs:

1. Disaster Pet Finder Search Dogs:

the dogs are searching for missing animals after a disaster, bombing attack, etc… The dogs are searching after missing pets under stones, under the ground, in water,…

The dogs run free under the supervision of their trainer and they scent the air and the ground. When they find the place where a missing pet is buried, they give the learned “alert” signal. Some dogs can be trained to help dig out.

2. Track Pet Finder Search Dogs:

the dogs search a missing pet by following the track after being given a sample of the pet’s scent. The scent can come from some hair, the leash, collier, sleeping mat, etc..

During the search activity the pet finder search dogs are kept on a long tracking leash, the person follows the dog.

The Pet Finder Search Dogs follow the complete track,.

That means that if a dog has run away and got for example after a rabbit, the search dog will follow the complete track of the chasing after the rabbit.

This can be “big adventure” because:

  • The run-away dog does not stop before fences and do not choose the easiest way:
  • the pet is in a panic and do not know what it is doing and runs, runs, runs…
  • the run-away dog has the greatest time of his, or her life, following all interesting smells on the ground and in the air. That implies that a track can lead you and your dog into the woods, fields, rivers, streets, gardens,… where ever you can imagine!

The Pet Finder Search Dogs must discriminate the scent

Like we smell easily dogs, cats, horses but do not catch easily the human scent it is more easy for the dog to scent, follow and discriminate a human track.

The biggest difference between disaster – and track petfinder search dogs is that the disaster petfinder search dogs do not have to discriminate the different dogs smells. They  search for all dog smells.

The track pet finder search dogs have to discriminate the track of the missing pet from the other dogtracks.

The Track Pet Finder Search Dogs search at full speed

They run most of the time. This is necessary to gain time on the missing dog, or other pet to catch up and be able to retrieve it.

It is recommended to work with minimum 2 pet finder search teams and to work alternately not to lose time by resting.

Like Skoebidoe, most dogs love to search, and rescue pets!

Most of the dogs like to search but not all the dogs like to search for the same pets.

Some dogs like to search all kind of pets but

there are dogs who like to search for cats and do not like to search for dogs and vice versa.

As we want to give the dog a good time, it is important to find out during the search- excercises and -games what your dog like to search for and focus on this.