Pet Finder Search Team

A Pet Finder Search Team is a team formed by a trained person with 1 or more trained dogs to find missing dogs and other missing pets.

For who?

Every body from 10 to 100 years, male or female, who is in good condition, and who likes to do activities with his or her dog can become a Pet Finder.

The search exercises and the search activities creates a great bound between the Pet Finder and his, her dog and between fellow Pet Finders.

It is ideal for teens

  • because they have a lot of energy, a lot of free time, and most of the teens like dogs and other pets
  • to experience from a young age that it feels good to help…..

It is good to do it as a family, it strengthens the family ties and the sense of togetherness

It is very recommended for kids labeled with adhd who love dogs. It canalizes their energy in a good direction, helps learning to focus and made thim feel to be useful and appreciated.

Why become a Petfinder

3 big reasons:

  1. you make kids and people very, very happy by finding back their lost puppy, dog, cat, pet…
  2. you make the lost dog, cat, … pet very happy by bringing it back home
  3. you give your own dog and yourself a very good an very rewarding time