Long term volunteer abroad, do volunteer work with dogs


Long term volunteer abroad possibility.

We, Robin and the Skoebidoedogs offer the opportunity to 2 dog lovers to live with us for one year or longer, and learn -for free- all about dogs and how to train Skoebidoe Petfinder Search Dogs

1.Profile long term volunteers for volunteer work with dogs:

You are between 16 and 22 years.

You love to be, and live with dogs,

You consider them as friends and approach the dogs with love

You respect them as a living being with a free will

You like to take care of dogs and other animals

You are happy when they are happy

You like to live close to nature and can live with no much comfort

You do not mind being dirty

You can “work, play” outside with the dogs in all weather types

You want to transmit what you have learned to others

You stay minimum one year.

You can contribute for your basic living costs of 100 euros a month. (if you do not have  click here  we can help you )

2.Profile long term volunteers for volunteer work as a handy person and help with the daily taking care of the animals and the house

See above but NO contribution for the basic living costs

You like to make doghouses, fences etc.

You can do small, maybe also bigger reparations outside and inside the house

What you get in return

You have the opportunity to live the life you like

You will live among the dogs

You will live in a beautiful environment with nice people

We take care of you

You will make friends for life who always will be there for you

You will have a place to stay and to return whenever you want in your life

you will learn (if you want) how to become financial independent and

how to earn your money without a job or to go to work every day (this can be very useful in case you want to study after your volunteering here)

You can stay longer with us when you like it

You can stay member of our team and help in your home country or help in case of emergencies

Your life will have a meaning!

This sounds good :).to you?

Send a mail to Robin@scoobydoodogs.com with some information about yourself, your motivation and questions, and specify if you apply for volunteer work with dogs or as a handy person.

We are looking forward reading it.

Be Happy

Robin & Skoebidoe


I like the way how you explain your information. First thing to say is that they are helpful, second they are very motivational and in the same moment can guarantee some profit!
Good job, very interesting!

Thank you very much for your comment Giuseppe.
More articles are almost ready to be posted,
Feel free to come back from time to time to have a look.
Be happy

I live in New Zealand and have 2 wee dogs and they are my best friends
You are doing something really wonderful Robin and I hope one day if I travel abroad to visit you

All the very best on your adventure

Hello Vicki
thank you very much for your nice feedback:)
I had some short term volunteers from New Zealand here last year and 2 years ago,they helped a lot and I liked them very much.
I had a look on your website and like it very much so I hope to see you arrive here one day
All the best

Hello Robin,

What a wonderful program you are running. I’m a dog lover and wish I was young enough to help out but I do have 2 dogs to take care of.

Best of luck,


Thanks Jack
when even you take a holiday,short or long ,,, you are welcome here with your two dogs.
The activities are for all ages,
have a great time with your dogs,

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